Holt Korea and Ilsan Donation Needs

Families routinely ask what thing Holt Children’s Services Inc. (aka Holt Korea) needs in terms of donations. The following is a list of Holt Korea’s current donation needs based on priority.  I have also included some information, though not comprehensive, for Ilsan, the Daejeon City Maternity Shelter, and the Jeonju Babies Home.

A link to the current list of donation needs can also be found here:



RICE CEREAL – Holt Korea would like to emphasize the need for rice cereal.

SPECIAL NEED – Ergo (or similar) Baby Carriers

If you are considering gifts or donations to your agency that would help out the foster mothers, please consider giving a new or gently-used Ergos (or similar baby carriers) as these work well for both  babies and young toddler. Thanks!



1. Gerber Rice Cereal (single grain) – Single gain rice cereal is an urgent, important and ongoing need for Holt Korea. There are a lot of premature babies in care as well as children with other medical concerns. Single gain rice cereal is a critical part of meeting the nutritional needs of these kids as many cannot tolerate the multigrain cereal that is available in Korea, and single grain rice cereal that is available is less easily digestible than that which is made in the U.S. Supplies of the Gerber rice cereal routinely run low, so families who would like to donate items either when they travel or via mail are encouraged to bring/give rice cereal.

2. Finger food snacks such as Gerber puffs (sweet potato is a good flavor) or Gerber Lil’ Crunchies (mild cheddar is a popular flavor)….Note: It does not specifically have to be Gerber brand. – This request is from the Holt clinic (WBC). http://www.gerber.com/crawler/products/snacks.aspx 

3. Baby & toddler Clothing – They need preemie (new born) until 2T, 3T. There is a greater need for boys clothes than girls clothing. As children are staying in care longer, the need for older baby and toddler clothing has grown. Please send new clothes. “We would love to receive these as a donation.”

4. Toddler chewable vitamins

5. Moisturizing Baby Lotion or Cream for dry skin is a high priority. This is particularly important in the winter. Examples include:

* Aveeno baby lotion – Many of the babies get very dry skin (dermatitis), especially in the winter and this lotion is extremely expensive in Korea.
* Cetaphil moisturizing lotion
* Johnson & Johnson baby lotion
* Vaseline will be also good.


* Cleft lip and palate bottles and spoons – When purchasing CL/CP bottles, please purchase pigeon bottles by Respironics rather than the Enfamil bottles if at all possible. The pigeon bottles are easier for the foster mothers to use as the Enfamil bottles make the foster mother’s hands very tired and because the pigeon bottles are very versatile and can be used for other children having feeding issues such as the babies with heart defects, etc. The order of brand/type preference for the CP bottles is: 1st choice (STRONGLY PREFERRED) = Pigeon, 2nd choice = Medela, 3rd choice = Enfamil
* Baby toys (rattles and teething toys)
* Preemie baby clothes (unavailable in Korea)
* Hand sanitizer – This is needed in the Reception Center as they go through a lot of it with the visitors. During the cold/flu season, it is also used by the foster families, etc.
* Sometimes they have older children over 3 or 4. Coloring books, crayons, toys, etc are very helpful.


– Clothing is always appreciated. Yes, they have to be new. Sizes range from toddlers to adults.
– Back support belts (the kind with the suspenders) for the house mothers, there are 100 of them that rotate. Medium and large are the most needed sizes.
– The residents can always use gloves and hats for the winter.
– They need the chewable vitamins so they can crush them up for feeding tubes. With 270 residents, they go thru one big jar of vitamins per day for those that can chew and those that can’t.
– Dr. Cho also requested A&D Ointment which they prefer over Desitin. Both Ilsan and Holt Korea can always use A&D or desitin as these are very expensive to import.


* Stretch mark lotion/cocoa butter- used for relieving the itchy skin of expecting mothers due to their skin stretching to accomodate the baby. This is the top priority for the birth mothers.

* Maternity clothes- Assume XS, S, or M size. (maternity clothes are expensive in Korea). New maternity clothing only please (i.e. no hand-me-downs).  H&M has a line of maternity clothes that are pretty cute and are also very reasonably priced.  You can also find maternity clothes at Old Navy, Target, etc.

* Aloe vera


* A&D Ointment / Desitin
* Diapers
* Stretch mark lotion/cocoa butter- used for relieving the itchy skin of expecting mothers due to their skin stretching to accomodate the baby. This is the top priority for the birth mothers.
* Maternity clothes (new) in XS, S, or M size.
* Aloe vera


* Diapers (all sizes, infant through toddler)


* Who should I give my donations to when I am in Korea? For donations for Holt Korea, please give your donations directly to your Holt Korea social worker.  Donations get distributed to multiple different areas including the reception center (RC), foster families, birth mothers, etc. Giving donations directly to your Holt Korea social worker will allow the donations to be distributed and used in the area where they are most needed.  

* What is the most economical way to mail donations? If you choose to mail donations to Holt Korea, it is typically less expensive to send them by USPS rather than by FedEx or other carriers. Additionally Holt Korea has encountered problems receiving packages through FedEx, UPS, or DHL, so it is important that you send updates through regular mail (i.e. use USPS).

In most cases, using the flat rate boxes (at USPS) is also cheaper than the regular weight-based mailing. However, if you are mailing something that is particularly light or light & bulky such as rice cereal or CP bottles, mailing by weight using USPS may be your least expensive option. If you mail based on weight and you are sending a small item, consider using light-weight mailing options like bubble mailers to keep the packaging weight down.

Please keep the declared value of items shipped under $100 per box so that Holt Korea does not incur duty charges.

* Where should donations be mailed? Please contact your agency for current mailing address or leave a comment on this post with your email address, and I will send you the information.  

* Can I give previously worn maternity clothes? No. Please send only new maternity clothes.

* How is the best way to get donations to Korea if you are traveling?  https://forthesechildrenihaveprayed.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/holt-korea-bringing-donations-to-korea/

Donation list last updated: 01/16/2014

17 Responses to Holt Korea and Ilsan Donation Needs

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  4. kris forde says:

    I am currently in seoul korea vacationing. I would like to visit an orphanage and volunteer. Please forward any pertinent information regarding this request.

    • I would encourage you to contact Holt Children’s Services in Korea and see if they can arrange a visit to Ilsan. Depending on where you are vacationing in Korea, they may also have some other recommendations. If you go to their website, their contact information is at the bottom: http://www.holt.or.kr/holten/main/main.jsp The phone number listed on their website is 82-2-331-7051~3. They also have their email listed. Enjoy your time in Korea!

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  7. Tina says:

    Bummer, I sent 6 tubes of Desitin yesterday before I saw your update! I’ll be sure to include items from the updated needs list next time. Thank you for keeping us informed.

    • No worries! Desitin keeps, so I’m sure they will still be able to use it 🙂 They just want to get the word out that they are now stocked up on this, so focus on other things if you haven’t yet bought donations. You are welcome to message me if you have questions about the donation list and updates. Thanks for sending donations! It is greatly appreciated!

    • I also wanted to thank you for gathering the gently used baby carriers for Holt Korea. That’s awesome! THANK YOU!!!

  8. Laurie says:

    My husband and I are waiting for a referral from Holt, but in the meantime we’d like to still send a donation box to Holt every so often. Is that allowed? Can we just mail it straight to Holt, to the same address we would mail a care package once we get our referral? And should we just put a note in the box that says “donations” or something like that?

    • I would hate to give you the wrong information about this as each agency has different policies and policies do change. In general it is common practice for families to bring donations to Holt Korea at the time of travel and after placement. I would encourage you to double-check to make sure sending donations prior to placement is okay.

      • BRL says:

        Have you considered purchasing a Gift of Hope through their online catalog? It’s a great way to give to Holt, and ensure your gift goes where most needed!

      • There are many ways to support both Holt Children’s Services Inc (i.e. Holt Korea) and it’s partner agencies in the United States including Holt International, Bethany Christian Services, etc. This list applies specifically to Holt Children’s Services Inc (aka Holt Korea) and is not specific to Holt International. This list is regularly updated in partnership with Holt Korea based on their stated needs at the time.

        For those who wish to support Holt International (aka Holt USA or HICS), there are a number of ways to support Holt International (holtinternational.org) including but not limited to giving via Holt International’s auctions, designated gifts, sponsorship, Gifts of Hope, etc. Each of these programs is very valuable.

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  10. dreayh says:

    hi I would like to donate a well loved baby carrier in great condition.

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