Article: A Mom’s Heart on Race

I wanted to share this article about race with everyone. I think it is worth reading. This article is told from a Christian perspective. It does not celebrate ‘color blindness’, but rather celebrates the wonderful diversity in God’s children.

One of my favorite quotes within this article is:

“As moms, we need to arm our children with the correct vocabulary and with the perspective that different is good. Different is exactly how we were made, to reflect different aspects of God’s creativity and personality. As we say in our family and our family, “Wouldn’t it be so boring we were all looked the same? God has painted us like a masterpiece of art with different colors and textures!” This perspective is broadened and generalized if we look at the world. If all I want to see if other versions of my self, then that is what I glorify. But no, we need to celebrate and acknowledge differences.”

Here is the link to the article in its entirety:

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