Connecting with Other Adoptive Families

So, just how does one go about connecting with other adoptive families within the Korean adoption community?  Here are some things that may be helpful to consider:

  • Are you hoping to connect with families at the same point in their adoption journey?
  • Are you wanting to connect with families who have walked the road before and whose children are already home?
  • Do you want to connect with families who have adopted and/or are adopting through the same agency?
  • Are you wanting to connect with families who have children similar in age to you?
  • Do you have a special interest area such as wanting to connect with people who are geographically similar, families who have added children through both biology and adoption, families who have children from multiple countries, families of children with special needs (medical concerns, background issues, etc), heritage families, etc?  There are all sorts of groups out there and having a general sense as to who you would like to connect with can help you narrow things down.

Here are few ways to connect:

Start with your agency and/or social worker, especially if you live in a branch state of your agency.  Agencies can be very helpful in connecting families.  With the prior permission of families, our social worker routinely connects families with each other.

See if your agency has a web forum or Yahoo group.

Join list servs or Yahoo Groups.  There are a couple of Korea adoption focused Yahoo groups, a wide range of special needs (waiting child) groups, etc.  We belong to groups that are specific to Korea adoption as well at to groups that are focused on certain special needs.  Many families who have adopted from China, connect via the China Adopt Talk blog and forum:

Join Facebook groups.  There are a number of these out there.  Some are specific to the demographic such as specific to families from a geographical area, families with referrals during a given period, etc.  Our family belongs to a group for local families as well as a larger group that is general adoption (primarily international adoption) focused.  Many groups are private (i.e. invite only; members only) so they don’t show up in searches; for these groups, you may need to first connect with a few adoptive families and let them know you are interested in joining groups of a given type.

Look at blogs and websites that appeal to a wider audience than just Korean adoption (or whichever area you are exploring).  “Creating a Family” is a great resource and is founded by Dawn Davenport, though it is not specific to international adoption (i.e. it includes members who have been affected by infertility as well as those who are exploring, in the process of, or have adopted domestically or internationally).  Here is a link to the “Creating a Family” website and Facebook group:

Go to adoption conferences, seminars, adult adoptee panels, groups, and classes.  I met one of my dearest friends at a Families with Children from China (FCC) waiting family meeting.  We have met other friends through NAFA (Northwest Adoptive Families Association) events.

Participate in agency-led events and activities like summer picnics and auctions.  We have loved connected with other Holt families at the annual Holt family picnics in our area and at the annual Holt auction and gala in our area.

Let people know you are interested in connecting.  

Content updated: 2/3/2014

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