Dongdaemun (East Gate Market, 동대문시장)

We venture to Dongdaemun one of the days on our trip to Korea.  A dear Korean friend who had just moved back to Suwon just outside of Seoul was our guide.

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We bought comforters, matching pillowcases, and the pads (thin blankets) that go on top of a Korean yo (mattress) at Dongdaemun.  They delivered it all to our hotel for free.  We also got a cash discount.

We ate the most WONDERFUL mung bean pancakes (Bindaetteok) and a meat version…so good!  I could have eaten my body weight in them.  Here is a recipe for them from The Kimchi Chronicles’s-bindaetteok-mung-bean-pancakes/

Because of the sheer volume of people, you pay first, they bring your food to the table and then when you are done you just leave. Once again I was glad we had a guide as we might never have figured out the protocol for ordering. The pancake arrive on foil-covered trays, and everyone eats family-style from the tray. So very, very tasty! Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Korea food? Well, I do. I could eat it everyday. Yummy!

The photos of the adult hanbok stores were taken at the shops inside the subway on line 1 (red line ?) right by exit #10 (exits are all numbered) at the jongro5ga stop where we met my friend. They were beautiful hanboks! 

Wikipedia’s entry about Dongdaemun Market:

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