DMC Ville – Nearby Places to Eat

We just got back from staying at DMC Ville in Seoul.  Unlike staying in the heart of Seoul like at Somerset Palace, Fraser Place, etc., DMC Ville is located in a high tech business district.  It is not as easy to walk out your door and find food.  Here are a few places we found:

PARIS BAGUETTE – To get to Paris Baguette as well as some cofee and waffle joints, walk out of the lobby and go right. You will walk by a bunch of red bikes. Walk to the end of the block.  You will find yourself facing a major street.  Do not cross the busy street; instead, at the corner, turn left and cross at the light.  (Note: If you’d wanted to go to Starbucks, you would have crossed to the other side of the busy street and then gone left.)  Walk straight several blocks. You are on the left side of a big road. If you look at the tall buildings on the left, they are business buildings. One of the buildings has a profile that bows out a bit (i.e. it is not straight, the wall kind of curves out). If you look to the left just as you approach that buildings, you will see several small restaurants including Paris Baguette.

STARBUCKS & DUNKIN’ DONUTS – If you are on the main road by the Paris Baguette, you just need to cross over to the right side of the street and keep walking a bit further. You will come to a Dunkin Donuts first. I think the Starbucks in on the next block. It is set back just a bit, so be sure not to walk past it. I thoigh their plain scone was tasty. In the same section as Paris Baguette are a couple of waffle and coffee places. We got waffles at the first one you come to just past PB.

7-11 – There is a 7-11 adjacent to DMC Ville. If you are facing the entrance to DMC Ville, it is towards the right, the side opposite the red bicycles.  You can also access it from the hallways inside DMC Ville.  They don’t have Slurpies or Big Gulps, but they do have water, soda, etc. Pepsi is cheaper than Coke.

NURITKUM MALL – The Nuritkum building has a food court below it in addition to some stores; a lot of the building seem to.  My husband said it is in the same building as the Paris Baguette is located next to.

BIG HIT CHICKEN (BHC) – If you are facing 7-11, to the right of the 7-11 is BHC (Big Hit Chicken). If you are coming out of DMC Ville from the entrance right by the 7-11, it is on your left.  Their fried chicken is good in our opinion. On the top left corner od the menu at the cashier is a chicken basket that says “hit” on it…go with that. It says 12 pieces..the pieces are small by US standards, so you will not have as much in terms of left-overs as you’d expect from 12 pieces. Skip the nuggets…really, really small and not tasty. French fries are good.

GROCERY SHOPPING – You can easily take a cab to EMart or HomePlus for groceries. They also have clothes, toys, etc.  HomePlus is a bit larger than the nearest EMart, but both are really pretty huge (multiple stories).  If you go to the front desk at DMC Ville, they can give you a card that has the information for the EMart or HomePlus on one side and the information for the hotel on the other, so you can get there and back okay.

PIZZA HUT – Pizza Hut delivers to the hotel. Bulgogi pizza is good, though it does have bell peppers on it, and it is hard to adjust your order due to the language barrier.

OTHER – There are a handful of other coffee shops, waffle vendors, Family Marts, desert venues located near DMC Ville as well.

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