Blog post: Things to know during early transition period

I wanted to recommend a blog post written by an adoptive mother about things that were important to do or have when you first bring your child home.  Some of the things are specific to adopting from Ethiopia but others are very much universal.

In addition to keeping visitors at bay and working on attachment, one of the pieces of advice that I think is particularly important is the following:

“Stay home. I mean it. Stay the heck home. Cancel your calendars. Pull out of everything you’re involved in. Temporarily quit your small group and your Bible study and your volunteer position at church on Wednesdays and your gym classes. Katy, bar the door. Circle the wagons with your little family and hunker down. Do not take your newbie to Target. Do not drag them to public places. Do not spend two hours in the car running errands with them. Keep the moving parts to an absolute minimum.”

You can read the post in its entirety here:

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1 Response to Blog post: Things to know during early transition period

  1. dortche says:

    Thank you for all the info you are providing and the passion you have for Korean adoption. My wife was adopted through Holt from Korea. It is something near to our hearts too.

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