Holt Travel Services: “Mr. Brown Bag” Program

I thought this might be of interest for adoptees and their families wishing to travel to Korea: http://www.brownbag.kr/  “Holt Travel Services has launched a new program called, “Mr. Brown Bag.”  It is specially designed to help Korean adoptees and their family in planning a trip to Korea.”

Per the official “Mr. Brown Bag” website:

Mr. Brown Bag will provide you:
Online Connection with Holt Travel Services.
Travel Resources
  • Accommodation in Seoul, Gyeongju, Busan, Sorak, Jeju and the other major cities in Korea.
  • Pick up and drop off service at the International Airport.
  • Seoul city tour, FolkVillage tour and Panmunjeom tour information.
  • Planning Assistance for individual travelers to Korea.
“Say Hi” Club
  • Say Hi is the volunteer group that supports the adoptees and their family during their stay in Korea.
  • Say Hi volunteers will do their best to help you to make your stay more comfortable.

Send an inquiry to holtra@chol.com Holt Travel Service

The Korean government has excellent maps and a travel guidebook in English I recommend requesting. Call 800-868-7567.

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1 Response to Holt Travel Services: “Mr. Brown Bag” Program

  1. Dawn Tomlinson says:

    Will send email. Holt Adoptee. Very interested in Mr. Brown Bag program and the “Say Hi Club”. Also, guest house reservation. Thank you. Dawn Tomlinson

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