Sleep: My favorite article about sleep & adoption

My favorite article on the topic of sleep is “Sleep and Adoption”.   This meaningful article delves into the topic of sleep and the adopted child, covering both general information about sleep as well as giving practical advice related to sleep.  It’s a must read for all adoptive parents.  The article can be found at:  I’ve listed the subject areas by subtitle below:

  • What is this thing you call sleep?
  • Sleeping through the night?
  • How much sleep does my child need? (broken down by age, total sleep hours, hours at night at number of naps)
  • Special Concerns of New Adoptees
  • Let’s get practical…
    • Zeitgbers – the “time-givers”, the environmental cues that set or reset our biological clocks.
    • Bedtime routines
    • Bedtime Itself
    • Falling Asleep
    • Night Wakings
    • Cozy Sleep Nooks
    • Light
    • Sound
    • Smell
    • Touch
    • Temperature
  • Does my child have a sleep disorder?

I have listed a number of additional resources related to sleep on the following post:  “Sleep: General Resources

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