Appah Heem Neh Seh Yo, “Daddy! Be Strong! (Take heart!)”

Be sure to check the FamilyYapsALot blog each Sunday!   She is running a series on Korean children’s songs.  She will try to include a video each week so you can see the hand motions, the words in Korean as well as the transliteration and English translation:

In honor of Father’s Day, this week’s song is “Appah Heem Neh Seh Yo

Appah Heem Neh Seh Yo translates as “Daddy! Be Strong! (Take heart!)” In summary: Daddy comes home from work looking a bit dejected, tired and worried. So, we just wanna say, “Daddy! Be Strong! We’re with you!”

Here is the link to this week’s song:

Happy Singing!!!

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