Souvenirs: List of things to buy in Seoul

The following is a compilation of several lists of things people recommend buying while in Seoul. There are likely some duplicates on this list as well as things I’m missing.  I highlighted some of the things that many people typically purchase in blue (i.e. favorite purchases).


  • Hanboks
  • Name scroll – (Name scroll with child’s name done in Korean; the gentleman who makes these is set up outside the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon)
  • Wedding Ducks
  • Carved Name Chop (famous vendor in Insadong, there is also a man by the Hamilton Hotel, many options)
  • Celadon Pottery (tea cups, vases, large bowls, chop stick rest, tiny bud vases)
  • Lacquer items (jewelry box, music box, pencil, business card holder, compact)
  • Embroidered items (jewelry boxes, purses, etc.)
  • Korean masks
  • Carved Chess set
  • Wood Lamp with paper painted shade
  • Toy Korean Drum
  • Carved Wood chopsticks with silk holders
  • Artwork
  • Small prints of Korean children playing
  • Clay and porcelain figurines
  • Stainless steel chopsticks
  • Training chopsticks
  • Baby chopsticks
  • Silk Table runner/placemats
  • Several colorful norigae (colorful tied ropes with butterfly, bird etc) we purchase large and small – the smaller ones we put on our Christmas tree
  • Traditional Taeguek Fans – colorful with wooden handle
  • Colorful quilted coin purses, make up bags, pencil cases
  • Korean/English Children’s dictionary with pictures
  • Korean flag bandanas
  • Korean t-shirts
  • Korean Bell
  • Wind chime
  • Letter opener/business card holder
  • Bookmarks
  • Cell phone trinkets
  • Girls hair accessories
  • Pororo children’s items
  • Blessing bags (the little bags you see often with girls hanboks)
  • Tie clips of the American and Korean flags (outside Namdaemun)
  • Hanbok Barbie Dolls
  • Korean dolls in Hanboks
  • Barbie-size Hanboks
  • Doll-size Hanboks
  • Postcards
  • Stationery
  • Children’s clothing (Namdaemun)
  • Children’s books (Korean, Korean & English)
  • Socks
  • Ginseng tea
  • Amethyst
  • Korean blankets
  • Pottery
  • Jade jewelry
  • Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel wearing Hanboks (key chains, stuffies, etc)
  • Rice bowls
  • Hangul refrigerator magnets
  • Kimchi jar (mini)
  • Korean flag (standard size or mini)
  • Korean kid snacks (to help with the transition)
  • Korean baby formula (to help with the transition)
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